Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022


Laughter they say is a good medicine, isn't that true? At times, you might find yourself in a melancholic mood but i bet you when you watch these Kaduna Comedians perform, you will surely laugh out your sorrow.

If there is one place where comedy thrives it's Kaduna and it can only be done by Nigerians. Over the years the comedy industry has moved from conventional standup laugh shows to digitally produced skit content. Of course in this disruption there are pioneers and newbies who have held the forth. This comedias are so dexterous in their craft that they will leave you rolling with laughter. Here are Top 10 Comedian In Kaduna State that will crack your ribs with laughter.

1. Kaptain Dee Sylva

Kaptain Sylva Dee Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022Oh Yes!!! If you don’t know who Kaptain Sylva Dee is, then you are not in this great state of ours. This guy is dope. If you ever sit under his Comedian influence, you will laugh your ribs out with his fast-mouth kind of comedy as he often takes on his guest and those in the crowd. Known for his funny jokes on poverty, politics. Well, many dubbed him the king of Comedy for his natural physics especially as a stand-up comedian. Recently, he got the Special Recognition Award by Gaze Productions the Organizers of the League of Extraordinary Achievers Awards (LEAA) Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Brain Behind 'Without A Sylva Spoon'' a year organized comedy show  

2. Elisha Anointed Talker

Anointed Talker Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Elisha Ojima Ekpah also known as Anointed Talker, Igala by tribe from kogi State.. Studied Mass communication at Federal polytechnic kaduna. Relationship: Complicated Date of Birth feb 24th Religion: Christianity Favourite quote! GOD No be anybody papa Mate!!! Twitter/IG @talk2talker

3. Bishop Talk

Bishop Talk Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Popular Nigerian comedian Onwumere Okechukwu Erastus Popularly known as Bishop Talk is one of the comedians who is regarded by many as the King of comedy in Kaduna. He is a very funny comedian who has made a fortune from stand-up comedy. However, he often collaborates with many other comedians in Nigeria. He has bagged numerous awards and nominations in the comedy industry both within and outside kaduna. This make him one of the best in Kaduna, Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

4. MC Johnny

MC johnny Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Popular Comedian JOHNSON DAVIDSON popularly known as MC Johnny the most handsome COMEDIAN in Kaduna. He hail from Owerri west LGA imo state a graduate of imo state polytechnic were he studied nutrition and dietetics started MC job 2012 from higher institution mentioned aboved the first born out of 3... His also an MC, Comedian, HypeMan and Skit marker (content creator) Won several awards: *2017 won best collaboration with mc black *2021 award of excellence with kaduna state idoma cultural dancers. *2022 won best Comedian of the year with Kaduna Entertainment awards and Royal Empire The official mc and HypeMan of Explore lounge and Rock Sugar Lounge The PRO of kaduna MC and comedians association of Nigeria

5. Prayer Point Nalaugh

Prayer Point Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Name: Chukwuebuka Umoke popularly know has Prayer Point from Ebonyi state know for Comedy/ fashion designer One of the most Creative Comedian in Kaduna with his Funny Enough with prayer point. IG@Comedianprayerpoint FB:PrayerpointNalaugh

6. Mr Parrot

Mr Parrot Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Abraham Emmanuel Ochima aka Mr parrot |da Comedy King Kong | A Comedian | Compere |, Show Promoter|Content Creator | Event Planner | Host Open Mic Contest | CEO UP Sucre sucre Entertainment | Event, Hospitality Consultant | Artist and Comedian πŸ”Œ | Entrepreneur . One of the most Creative Comedian in Kaduna with his Unpredictable Mr parrot His a product of is faithfulness 4 YEARS AS A BRAND #UNPREDICTABLE MR PARROT HAPPY 4years Anniversary to my Brand. He has Successfully Brother Stars like King of comedy Alibaba, 9ice, Oritse femi (musical taliban), Danfo drivers to his show

7. Anointed Mouth

Anointed Mouth Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Emmanuel John popularly known as Anointed Mouth 🎀 Popularly know as The Prince Of Weddings. From Cross River State and a graduate of Surveying and Geoinformatics from the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic. A professional Master Of Ceremony (Mc) that has Anchored several Events from Social to Corporate gigs and Has performed alongside great A list comedians, the likes of Ali Baba (the King of comedy), Gordons, Mc Shakara, Klint da drunk, Kenny blaq, Senator(of flate mate), Mc pashun(of flate mate), Bishop Talk And Prinz Talker to mention but a few.. Facebook: @Anointedmouth Emmanuel IG: @anointedmouth_ Twitter: @anointedmouth TikTok: @anointedmouth_

8. Ola D

Ola fTop 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 OLADAYO DAVID OYEWUMI, his a stand up comedian, master of ceremony and content creator, a graduate of mass communication from Kaduna polytechnic, Yoruba by tribe from osun state Nigeria. He is the Brain behind a yearly comedy show tagged ONCE UPON A JOKE WITH OLA-D, which In the last two years have hosted the likes of Klint de drunk and Gordons the comedy Belisconi. Follow on Facebook: COMEDIAN OLA-D CFR, Instagram: @comedian_oladee Twitter: @comedian_oladee

9. Nurse Paulo

Nurse Paulo Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Name: Paul kings Onogwu Stage name: Nurse Paulo Occupation: Comedian/ Student of Federal university Lafia/ Tailor Origin: Kogi state. Based in Kaduna state Tribe: Igala IG:@Nurse_Paulo YouTube: Nurse Paulo Fb: Paul Saint

10. Ifeanyi MOB

MOB Top 10 Kaduna Comedians In 2022 Ifeanyi Samuel Kingsley popularly known as comedian MOB is a Nigeria standup comedian , based in kaduna but from abia state. He is the convener of the yearly MENTALITY OF COMEDY event . He's also the Co host of apart from jokes (kaduna number 1 Comedy club), and have shared big stages with notable A-list Comedian and artists in Nigeria. Instagram @mobcomedian Twitter @Mob_comedian

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