What can you Say About President Bola Ahmed Tinubu ...So Far


BAT is really trying! Sentiment aside – Either Obidient, BATified, or Atikulated, we all know, except we want to lie to ourselves.

Most Nigerian new presidents don’t have this kind of swiftness to action in their first few weeks after resuming office, but it’s not the case for Tinubu. Tinubu achievements as president is already looking good.

We’ve been hearing, seeing, feeling, and observing the laws, the appointments, the suspension, and also the barriers lifting BAT has indulged in since he got to the office on May 29th.

I don’t want to bore you with the not-so-long list of what Tinubu has been able to do in less than 3 weeks at work, but I’m sure every woke and observing Naijaloadites know.

So Guys πŸ‘‡

So far, So good – What Will You Score Tinubu Over 100 After Few Days In The Office?

Let’s see your score for BAT

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