Big Spanx - Ka Odi Eazy


BIg Spanx is a Fast rising Hip Hop artist from south eastern Nigeria with a global appeal to any Lover of good music. Also the CEO of LOUD MUSIC INC, The Rick Ross Look-Alike has a unique style, infectious beats and melodies. Doing it Like A Boss, Big Spanx is the future of Rap.

The Fast rising Hip Hop artist Big Spanx music video for Kodi Eazy hit a Landmark of 7K views within days of release , some nay-sayers have connectected the rise of the fame to the illuminati. Screenshots from the now viral music video shows the artist throwing up hand signs that of the "ILLUMINATI" included. Could that be the souce of his fast rise? Could Big Spanx be a member of the "ILLUMINATI" like other famous stars like JAY Z, Beyonce? Watch the video in the link below and tell us what you think.


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