"If you feel pain, you are alive,if you feel other people's pain, you are a human being"- Leo Tolstoy.

 This describes the true essence of every human character which encompasses both extraneous and intrinsic qualities of the individual. It is also the combination of both the outer and inner aesthetics that defines the person.  

Amb.Dr.Hajia Nana Aisha Gambo ,the outgoing NOWA NATIONAL PRESIDENT handing over the mantle of Leadership to the Wife of the Current Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla  to continue as the NOWA NATIONAL PRESIDENT as she bows out of service.

As the current NOWA national president bows out in style, it is pertinent to reflect on who and what Madam Nana Aisha GAMBO stands for; which should give us a glimpse at this profound,enigmatic and phenomenal woman of immense character. Quite frankly, the sure way to do this is to peep into a dossier of testimonials from friends, close allies and associates. 

These myriad of confessions alludes to the fact that Nana Aisha Gambo is endowed with a natural beauty which she often embellishes with an unrivaled fashion taste. To this end some have labelled her the "fashionista"; an appellation that best describes her grace, poise and elegance. Inwardly, Hajia Dr Nana Aisha radiates self respect, determination, resilience and an unsurpassed sense of focus. 

Official Signing: hand-over notes and the financial reports

Her success in both private and public life exudes an industrious and astute  personality; culminating in the numerous achievements as NOWA National President. Clearly, she has impacted NOWA in every ramification.

As a wife, mother, and family woman, she has been able to define boundaries and balance, inspite of her numerous responsibilities which should serve as a beckon to the incoming NOWA National President and her EXCO.

Mrs Zainab Akpan; wife of Rear Admiral J.D.Akpan Chief of Policy and plans presenting a plague to the outgoing NOWA National President in honour of her outstanding performance .

Hajia Dr Nana Aisha's demeanor gives us a sense of a woman with a large heart who knows when to come around no matter whose ox is gored. So, when occasions demand she rises in response as the circumstance and situation warrants.

  Her philanthropic disposition which is second to none is also laced with a sense of judgement that abhors laziness, lack of respect and refusal to be accountable and take up responsibilities.

Hajia Nana Aisha Gambo with the NARAWA executives presenting their farewell gift in appreciation of her love, support and good management during her tenure as the NOWA National President.

 All these qualities have obviously impacted NOWA under her watch. Hence, as she bows out after a meritorious service, her colours in every shade and hue will continue to radiate through generations  as her legacies will be stamped in the sands of time. 

"Focus on your focus, until you become the focus"-Dr Peter Oyeneye, is one take home from this woman of substance.

The outgoing and the incoming NOWA NATIONAL PRESIDENT in company of the wives of other past Chiefs wives, Zonal Coordinators and some Exco members.

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