Breaking News: Woman Sentenced to Jail for Blackmailing Warri-Based MercyLand Church

Charles Adjekota, legal counsel to the church, provided insights into the case in a video shared on the official social media handles of Christ MercyLand church.

According to Adjekota, Ruth Matthew was convicted and sentenced to three months in prison, with the court granting her an option for a fine. In addition to the jail term, the court imposed restrictions on Matthew, prohibiting her from conspiring against the church and making negative publications aimed at tarnishing the image of the church or Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin for the next two years.

The legal dispute originated from Matthew’s serious allegations, claiming that the church played a role in the disappearance of her son. In response, Christ MercyLand church conducted a thorough investigation, countering Matthew’s claims and asserting that she intentionally misled the general public against the church for reasons best know to her and her online accomplice.

The church, however, alleged that she collaborated with child abductors and orchestrated a network of online bullies to blackmail the pastor and the church intentionally in the interest of her unknown sponsors, hence cause public hate to the reputation of the church and the Man of God.

This court verdict marks a crucial legal resolution to the ongoing conflict between Ruth Matthew and Christ MercyLand church, shedding light on the alleged blackmailing scheme and the syndicate. The sentencing underscores the severity of the accusations against Matthew and seeks to restore the reputation of the church, providing closure to a chapter of controversy that has lingered over the institution.

The legal outcome reinforces the importance of factual scrutiny in addressing serious allegations before online bullying and maintaining the integrity of religious organizations in the community.

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