Nigerian Institution Of Surveyors Ogun State Chapter Celebrates " Global Surveyors Day 2024

The Nigerian Institution Of Surveyors Ogun State Chapter joined the rest of the world to celebrates" GLOBAL SURVEYORS' DAY 2024 " today 21st March.

The Nigerian Institution Of Surveyors Ogun State Chapter Celebrates the 5th Edition of  Global Surveyors Day 2024 in a remarkable way alongside ROAD WALK Event , themed: "Marking Out Resilient Communities and the Wealth of the Nations".

The NIS OGUN STATE ROADWALK started from their main office Ijeja through Igbore, Imo, Isale igbein n back to their office in Ijeja , Abeokuta where the walk was concluded.

In an interview with the Secretary ( Nigerian Institution Of Survey Ogun State Chapter) SURV. Debo Adeyemi (FNIS),  Said every Survey international day set aside to recognize the field job, profession of survey and to celebrate their importance in the society. 

Global Surveyors Day was celebrated as very important part of the development of human environment.

The Profession of survey answers  questions about  what determine the development of exercise in the society. In furtherance,  to know what is happening in the place or what use to be there. 

 Survey informations is  good for any development because it is the most important element to the development of any society. That is, those countries that pay more importance on surveys are the most developed country of the world. Therefore from the beginning to the end,  duties of survey is very much needed and important in making decisions.

This program was to show the society & sensitize the public on the important of Surveyors and to encourage them to patronize them. 

Also , to inform the public it is of great risk acquiring a land without the presence of a surveyor.

He persuaded the society   to patronize a registered and qualified surveyor and make  sure they  visit the office of the surveyors to confirm their genuinty.

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