MEN OF THE CENTURY a movie by Xtra Large Ventures and Mooreplus Multimedia hits Ghana Big Screen.


From the stable of Mooreplus Multimedia in collaboration with Xtra Large Ventures Presents MEN OF THE CENTURY MOVIE Private Screening. Written and Directed by Kenny Daniel

The Private Screening /Premiere of this movie MEN OF THE CENTURY is on the

13th July 2024

(Saturday) 6:00 pm

PUWU EVENT CENTER ( Kasoa, CP. Central Region Ghana)

a movie which centers on a relatable everyday life of young Africans in the 21st century.

Featuring actors from Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia.

In this time and Era this men have set their hearts and mind to make I it at all cost. They are the real men of this century. They must succeed either hook or Crook.

This Nollywood movie was shot and produced in Ghana, and Stars: Samson Erejuwa, Emmanuel Franc, David Kafui, DF George, Fredica Audrey Julius, Pour Bobby, Charlotte Osei, Edgar Erejuwa, Chewing Stick, Klarah Kersia, Godwin Jefferson and many more.

After a long break of quality cinema movie in Ghana, the Executive producer, Mr. Samson Erejuwa also known as Sammy D Mechanic AKA Xtra Large who is also a fast rising actor a
/ content creator and a more time business personnel, has signed a movie PRODUCTION deal with Mooreplus Multimedia, company based in Nigeria and Ghana, to ensure sanity and quality movies in Ghana, in a bid to highness and contribute to the growth and sustainability of Ghana film industry.

This sounds as a good news for the movie industry in Ghana and b its people.

Watch Here

Behind the scenes pictures bellow

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