Connect with Konnekt, the Nigerian Model to watchout for in 2017

An outstanding, interesting and passionate model is all that is needed for any type of re branding. Do you know that Models bring a certain level of freshness, newness and
better perspective to any brand they model, such is the beauty that radiates from this attractive, show stopper, 6ft 2inches Nigerian Male Model, who has crossed many oceans, flown over hills and mountains to embrace  Modelling as a career. He's got the guts and is heading for the glory.
The height, the physique, the look and the swag are the undeniable features of  Konnekt; a Model, Media Consultant and one of the most developed talent of Nigerian extraction, who has got the world in perspective with a teeming population of amiable fans-in different parts of the world. He has has modelled for great brands like ATGPAPARAZI, Best Concept communication, Mindset Imagery among others. 
One would think that he just flew to his high level in the Modelling career without road blocks and hurdles. In my curiosity to get inspired by the steps he took to come this far, he shone a light through his humble beginnings.
Hello Handsome with the intimidating height, can you introduce yourself? (he giggles, revealing his dimples and flashing a smile that permeates through the skin to the heart)

"I am kenneth isioma okpor popularly know as konnekt, am from delta state, reside in Lagos, am the 1st son of my 5 Brother's, a media consultant, talent manager and also a Model. Fashion has been my dream while growing. I grew up in surulere "the heart of Lagos"  where fashion is 100% styles and blends.I Had loved cloths from the onset, I invested my childhood looking at fashion catalogues and when I grew up, I went online to see latest trends and  made my personal native designs with the help of  a tailor friend who loves me to fit most of the cloths he made for his customers as they always look good on me. I automatically became his human manequin and he encouraged me to become a model."

So what's the Modelling experience like?:
"Well it hasn't been so smooth and easy especially from the beginning but it will only get better as you find out that you grow and learn new things with each contract and brand you work with."
How did you get the name Konnekt?

"The name konnekt was given to by a friend who is into music production, he loved the way I connect with people and get along with them. So he decided to call me konnekt which was gotten from connection."

Wow that's interesting, so tell us ,What's your ideal style?
"I don't have a personal style , i love what is good on me,fashion is a way of life. Its reflection of the inside.
Can you tell us who your role model is? 
"My role model in Nigeria, is Uti, abroad, David Beckham. Their styles are a unique and they interpret their heart. 

Can you share with us some of the challenges you face as a Male Model in Nigeria? : 
"Gays are  too much and sometimes people think you are gay simply because you are a model, it's not just in Nigeria but in other countries, also the fact that modelling is seen as something that isn't  godly.  

At your leisure, what do you do and what are your hobbies ?:
"I read motivational books, I love singing, surfing the net and drawing style sketches". 

In the next two years where do you hope to see yourself? :
"I see myself as brand to be reckoned with in the industry and a stylist too".

What will be your advice for the aspiring models?: 
" My advice to the aspiring models is to be unique, be fashionable, be well researched and love colours"

In three words describe yourself:
I am smart, kind and loving

Indeed I am inspired by the story of Konnekt Who always fight to stand the test of time for his career against all odds ,which has earned him a lot of enviable relationship with a lot of believers in his kind. If he Made it through, then you can. Get Inspired and take a bold step, pursue your dreams. Wake up from your slumber, and get to work because the time to start is RIGHT NOW. Let your vision create a fruitful successful path for you just like it is the strong hold for Konnekt. In his words he motivates us with his Philosophy of life; " Life has no remote....get up and change it yourself! #Mindsetiskey"

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