Just few days back we were shouting #TGIF thank goodness is Friday  but before you say Jack, Monday is at the corner saying Hello and
opening it's arms wide enough to embrace you and take you back to work. Haha I heard you hiss, well that's facing reality. Work must be done by somebody so food can be on the table for some body, well that's on a lighter note. 
Now on a serious note, lets take a look at our Monday through Friday Look to work, also do me a favour and observe the pictures of the ladies as you read. Now that you've had a good rest what are your plans for the week? and did I hear somebody saying I want to make more money, meet more clients, impress my boss?. That's fine if you said any of these but here is my point for this article on #TheLadyBossLook. When I was younger there were over 20 rules and guidelines given to me on how I should dress to Interviews, to office, I tried my best but honestly that isn't working for me oooo.  
A great Fashion designer Rachel Zoe says " Style is a way of telling people who you are". Now back to #TheBossLadyLook, in some organisations you have a dress code and that's fine but note they can control the Colour, the type of cloth but they can't control your Style. Let me explain further; every Monday in most organisations you are expected to dress corporate to work. However, you have a choice to look more glamourous and daring than your colleagues in the same dress code. 
 I hear people say wear very light makeup to office but have you noticed that by Midday those who have little or no make up look exhausted than those who are wearing some nice makeup not the Monster look. I speak out of experience, if you want to look daring enough for even a customer or client to mistake you for the boss then you need to step up your game and this starts with your Look. 
 Ladies I think and know that it's better to wear subtle makeup on your eyes and wear a red, pink,lipstick than nude all the way. In your office, it's better to park your hair, wear cloths that fit and comfortable heels trust me clients lover the elegant, neat, classy employees especially when they crown their looks with a smile and courtsey, I say that's more like the Lady Boss. A nice perfume with attitude and confidence wraps it up and there you are different, gorgeous and quite intimidating. I hear some women say they can't get that glam look to office, all they know is their suit which they always hide in. Note, Size, tribe,skin colour  or anyother flimsy excuse doesn't stand. 
The Lady Boss look should be serious and formal enough but take a second look and make sure your style and personality is part of the look. The day shouldn't toss you around rather you should rock the day because if you believe and know that you own it and have conquered the challenges already, it reflects on you and hey trust me everyone can see it. So go wow your entire office with your new found look and confidence.

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